Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Is His Faithfulness

Great is HIS faithfulness ~ the long awaited date DID finally come. Yes, I always knew it would, but I had finally given up several months ago trying to predict just when it would be. But before I gave up, I sure thought I had it all figured out -- I was planning for it to be June. Perfect timing for me - out of school for the summer - I'd be able to make the trip to take Meagan to Mercy without having to take off from work - we'd make it a little mini family vacation - she would finish up her six month stay around Christmas - perfect plan (for me). We make plans and He laughs. So true! So once again I had to LET GO and trust that God's timing, whenever it was, would be perfect.

Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on
your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5
HIS timing is perfect, because it is HIS timing! By the infinite grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, Meagan walked through the doors of Mercy Ministries in Nashville, TN on Tues. Oct. 13 at approx. 1:20 pm accompanied by her dad and me. Of course we were all a little anxious and nervous, but all those feelings were soon eased as we were warmly welcomed by a staff member. We were told that we would be meeting with the Nashville home program director, who would give us an overview of the program, and then we'd tour the cooperate office (which is on the same grounds as the home), and the home. The meeting went very well. The overview of the program was very informative. There's no doubt that it will be tough, but with Jesus as the driver on this journey, we know and believe ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! The tour was great! It was nice to finally get to meet some of the staff that Meagan has been talking to over the last several months and those that we've read about and seen on the Mercy Ministries website. Everything is so beautifully decorated, colorful, and inspiring. There is a true sense of God's presence and peace throughout.

And so this journey that began several months ago when Meagan started the Mercy application process, now continues..... I love the picture that Meagan has posted on here. It looks like she is on a journey, looking out the window, and enjoying the ride. Our prayer is that she will allow her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be the driver on this journey, surrendering ALL to Him. And that the freedom that comes through surrender will give her the strength and willingness to surrender to Him daily.

(From a recent newsletter we receive - Spiritual Moments)
The dynamic and the moving force, the mainspring and core of the life of Jesus was one of continuous self-surrender.

Surrender to God is a choice we must make with every breath. You may not be happy about it right now, but in the bigger picture of life, you'll be glad you chose to surrender to God. (Fr. Gus)

God is perfect and perfect wisdom.
We do not pray in order to change His will,
But to bring our wills in to harmony with His.
(William Temple)

Many thanks and blessings to all you faithful supporters and prayer warriors out there! We appreciate your continuous support and prayers. WE are not sure exactly how this whole blogging thing is going to go from this point forward. Meagan and I have discussed it some and feel a prompting that this too must be put in the hands of God. He knows if and when a posting should be published. We will leave it at that and allow Him to be the driver on this blogging journey, too. (written and posted by Angela Vrba Oct. 15)


Katina Yeargain said...[Reply to comment]

Megan and Angela, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray this will be the beginning of a whole new world for you Megan. I have been aware of your struggles for many years and prayed for you. You are a beautiful special person. I know God is going to use you to change lives after he is through changing yours. You will continue to be in my heart.

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