Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last FULL weekend in TX for a while

Well, today was my last FULL day in Texas before I leave for Mercy until mid December when I come home to visit for Christmas for two weeks. Slowly but surely it has become more & more real. Saturday night I didnt sleep too good, I think because of the feelings I started experiencing as I began to really, finally pack last night. I figured out I have been avoiding putting my things in the suitcases since, as I began to pack I started to feel a bit anxious, some fear, homesick (already, yes), but also excited... I cant believe this is finally really happening! Here are some pictures of my weekend of preparation starting with Oct. 10th...

My whole family, mom, dad, Connor, Brittany & I all went to go get pedicures &/or manicures together. Yep, the guys even joined us! I know I always enjoy getting pampered a little & even tho the guys might not admit it I think they enjoyed it too. After that we went to see Couple's Retreat followed by dinner at Fat Katz.

Out to eat with my incredibly supportive family

Sunday, Oct. 11, I started out the morning early packing some, then went to church with mom & dad. After church we quickly arrived home so dad didnt miss too much of the Cowboy game, ate lunch, then headed to town to pick up a few more things I needed & did a little shopping at the mall of course!

Upon returning home, we grabbed the food that we made to take the Bilberry's then had the honor to take it to their sweet new family & meet Miss Maddie in person before I leave. What a gorgeous girl... & so content!! I could just eat her up!!!

My mom asked me if I wanted a picture with Madelyn...
what was she thinking??? DUH!!!!

Gushing over this precious miracle from the Lord

Mom is very much looking forward to having a lil grandbaby of her own someday!

Kathryn, Maddie, Luke & Me. This couple is truly reflect the light of Christ

Yes, I gave her back to her sweet momma!
God bless this sweet family.

When we got back home from the Bilberry's the Lackey's came by to say bye & gave me a little something.. books & bath & body works. Two of my favorite things! I finished most of my packing... here is the progression of filling up my suitcase.

This is how the packing looked at first...
One large suitcase (empty still) & a duffle bag

So then I filled the first large suitcase & mom thought that I could go with a medium second suitcase rather than two large. I told her if I wasnt able to
fill the other large one completely I could always transfer
to the medium one. She must have forgotten that her daughter has lots
of clothes & other must have items, plus I need plenty of items to keep me warm!

I was definitely able to pull off filling two large suitcases & a duffle bag with some overflow, go figure :)

Connor, Brittany & Rootbeer came over for our weekly family home cooked meal. This is the last time I'll see them till Christmas... It was really hard to say goodbye.

Look at Rootbeer... so photogenic!

There are two lasting bequests we can give our
children. One is roots. The other is wings.
~Hodding Carter, Jr.

Despite all the busyness of the weekend, it was full of lots of sweet time with
my family, something I cherish the most.

Thank you all for all your encouraging emails, facebook posts & messages,
phone call, texts & prayers. Your prayers have been felt & very much appreciated as I haveprepared for this chapter of my journey.
May God bless each of you- Meagan

My mom is going to be keeping you all updated as best she can (she might need a little extra tutoring with the blogging). If you would like to get in touch with her she is on facebook as Angela Foshee Vrba. Her phone & email is: 903.360.5547

Just in case you enjoy participating in snail mail:

Meagan Vrba
c/o Mercy Ministries
15328 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37211


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I read your posts and I remember how it felt to pack for Remuda. I was internally in a different place than you are right now and was not exactly excited about it LOL, but I remember the homesickness, the fear, the little bit of's such a crazy time! I hope you are able to keep your sight updated often. Your journey is just beginning, my were born to fly. :)

- Amy

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