Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Past 6 Months

I wanted to get you all up to date on what has gone on the last 6 months. Below are several letters I have written as well as my mom to friends & family informing them about my status with Mercy & my experiences during the wait. Its a LOT to read, but it gives you an overview of all that has gone on :)

April 1, 2009

I just want to thank you all for lifting me up in prayer as I have been working through the process of attaining some help from Mercy Ministries. I have been working on the application over the last several weeks and have been anxiously awaiting my phone interview this morning. The interview went well! Shannon, the lady who interviewed me got more information to me about my life, struggles, and hopes. It was pretty much just a more detailed description of the application that I initially filled out. Shannon listened intently and was very compassionate, as I talked with her she typed notes. Upon completing the interview she informed me that I would not have to wait to hear from Kathryn (the lady who I've have been working with in the intake department), because they have everything they need from me... this includes: my application, summaries from doctors, therapists, facilities, blood work, physical exam, picture, and summaries for two teaching I listened to. Today's interview completed that step which now means that my file is 'ready' to be submitted to the intake committee for review of acceptance. They meet once a week on fridays, and due to the many applicants that they have, sometimes it may be a couple of weeks to hear word. They will call me to inform me of their decision and if I am accepted from there I will be put on the waiting list. They are unable to give me any sort of timeline on how long I may have to wait... the process is different for every girl and is looked at on a case by case basis. They are also unaware of available space until about two weeks before girls graduate and everyone stays a different length of time. Shannon and Kathryn both commended me on my diligence in completely the this portion so quickly, and that should really speed up my process and be considered through further steps. I praise the Lord for giving me the strength and preserving to complete the necessary paperwork. Some girls take 10-12 months to complete the comprehensive, first portion. Also, they will be opening a new home in California this summer, therefore that will make 40 places available and be able to give more girls an opportunity to get help and find healing.

I felt comfort in the Lord throughout the interview and a sense of peace afterwards. Although I am very anxious about the wait ahead, the Lord is teaching me patience and to trust and lean on Him and those around me.... 'I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God,' Psalm 40:1-3. 'The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him,' Lam. 3:25. What God is doing at Mercy Ministries is truly incredible and gives me so much hope. There is so much growth and healing I've read about that they have helped so many girls experience through the Lord. I want healing! And I believe that I deserve complete freedom through the grace God freely gave us. I know there is much hard work ahead, but it will be completely worth it! 'He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus,' Philippians 1:5-7. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support and help in completing the required paper work. You all are such amazing people and a blessing to me in so many ways.

Blessing and Hugs to each of you- Meagan
April 20, 2009

Dear friends and family-

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update about Mercy. I am still anxiously awaiting a response from them about whether or not I have been accepted into the program. I honestly had thought that I would know by now if I was accepted, but talked to Kathryne, lady who is working on my case Wednesday of last week and she informed me that the intake department has not gotten to review my case yet (which only happens on Fridays). I believe some of the delay is due to a couple of things. First, Im not sure that the staff met on Good Friday and also, Nancy, the woman who heads up the ministry has been traveling a lot these last few weeks. Kathryne said last week when I talked to her that they were not meeting this past Friday. The time in between, waiting and not knowing anything is difficult, but I try to remain hopeful that the Lord's timing is and will be perfect. Times like these really having to trust are difficult especially since I despise uncertainty and feeling out of control, ha, go figure! I have talked to several graduates of Mercy that have said although the waiting period is tough, they wouldnt have traded their particular time they were there for anything.

Thank you all for your continuous thoughts and prayers! I will be in touch with any further news I receive. I hope that you all enjoy the beautiful Spring weather as the Lord reveals it to us each new day!

Sincerely- Meagan

April 21, 2009

Hey again everyone!

So how ironic is this... right after I sent the email out earlier today about the status of my case at Mercy I received a phone call from the intake department. The lady I talked to first asked about
my feelings about coming to Mercy and whether or not I was really, truly wanting this opportunity as well as I need to make sure that I am prepared to make a 6 month commitment, at least. My response to her questions was, yes! I am fully aware of all the hard work this
time will entail and that I am both very excited about as well asunderstandingly anxious with a healthy amount of fear. I prepared for the commitment period, and know that it will be completely worth it. With that she said she wanted to inform me that I have been accepted to two particular homes, both Nashville, TN and Lincoln, CA. Depending on where there is first an opening is where I will end up. So now I am considered 'officially on the waiting list.' God is good!!! He definitely caught me by surprise today when I heard from them.

I will be in touch with them off and on throughout my wait. Checking in and working on some assignments. She said it could be anywhere from 1-3 months wait and varies greatly on many different levels. I will know two weeks in advance my intake date. I will be moving back
home to Tyler after the semester is completed to stay with my parents so I can have some 'in house support,' save some money (not payingrent), and to spend time with them before I leave. I plan to begin moving mid May. Seeing that my treatment to resides in the DFW area
and my church home and family is here, I hope to come back at least bi-weekly on a Sunday and Monday to go to church, go to my home group and go to any appointments.

Thank you all so much for your continuous prayers and encouragement! I will keep you updated as I receive more information. Please pray I would remain diligent, hopeful and willing during this period of waiting and that the Lord would continue to soften my heart for a growing desire for complete transformation. Also, please also keep the other girls who are on the waiting list in your prayers. The waiting period is quite tough when your heart is broken and hurting.
I personally am very lucky to have family any friends who are highlysupportive of my situation, but many of these girls have don't have this support and sometimes no one to turn to at all. I am so grateful for each of you and am excited about all that's ahead.

Much love- Meagan
June 2, 2009

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give everyone an update about the status of my wait to go to Mercy Ministries. I had my second check in Monday June 1st. They did not have any more information as to how long I still have to wait. The conversation lasted about 15 minutes and we talked about how things were going with feelings, food and then if they could pray for me about anything. They commended me on the progress I had made in adding a bit and also by cutting down on the caffeine and fluids I have been taking in. Even though the progress is small, its a step, and for them to acknowledge it meant a lot. I start this week sending weekly weigh-ins that will now be sent to them so that they can make sure Im stable upon arrival since they are not a medical facility. My next check-in is June 22nd, if I dont hear from them before then (fingers crossed!).

Although the wait has been tough, I have to say, its really passing fairly quickly. Mercy has provided several assignments for me to work on as I wait, which has been so encouraging and uplifting! I have read several books that the founder of Mercy, Nancy Alcorn, has written. I have learned about how Mercy started, how God has continuously provided for the Ministries and the girls that walk through the doors, many of the girls testimonies and challenging the negative thoughts and lies of the eating disorder with God's truth. I have also daily been working through several small books which teach about speaking the Word out loud. I have gotten in the habit each morning reading verses out loud, which is something that I will be doing there. Its cool because throughout the day some of the verses will come to mind! With all the different assignments they have sent I write a one-page response in what I got out of the readings. All the things I have worked on will be used once Im at Mercy as well. I have really enjoyed having these inspirational tools to keep me hopeful and patient in the Lord's timing of everything.

For all of you that dont know, I moved home to be with my parents for the rest of my wait. I made the decision to stay here so I could save some money, have a bit more 'in house' accountability and to spend time with my family before I leave for 6 months. Its been nice being home, but I do miss Denton.... especially my church family, close friends and amazing dietician! They time with my family has been great and my parents keep me laughing! My mother has been keeping me busy helping her clean out things (including the attic, which has been entertaining seeing what all I come across) for a garage sale. I have also been helping out a little Russian girl and her mother that my mom has been tutoring. I they are new the the country and speak VERY little English. I took them shopping last week, which was quite a challenge, but also very fun! At the end of the week Im going to be watching the girl for the day. On Monday I was doing some research online about different non-denominational churches in Tyler and you will never believe what the Lord provided me... There is a church in here that is affiliated with The Village!!! (for all of you who dont know that is my church home in Denton). I was so excited! What a gift :) The church is The Living Acts Church. Really the only reason I looked further at the website was because I saw my churches 'V' symbol on the homepage. I plan to visit this coming Sunday and cant wait!!!

That's it for now! I will be in touch. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement, they can definitely be felt! Your love, support and friendships are such a blessing to me and my family. Please let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about.

Much love & hugs :)
Meagan Vrba

June 22, 2009
(an update my mom sent)

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to give everyone an update on Meagan's admission status with Mercy Ministries. She had a "call-in" today. These calls are made every three weeks and began after her acceptance, April 20. Each time she calls they talk with her about assignments she has had, her continued commitment to the program, any progress, problems, prayer requests, etc. Since she has now completed all her assignments she was hopeful they might be able to give her some idea about when she may be admitted. When she asked about this today she was told that there may be more of a delay than originally expected. They feel strongly that it will be best for her to be at the home in Nashville, which is their headquarters. They told her they have concerns about her being placed at the home in California that is brand new and will be opening soon. The Nashville home is well established and has the most experienced eating disorder support staff. Therefore this limits the availability, hence possibly delaying admission several more months. Of course she was very disappointed. Although she is very anxious about getting there and getting the needed help, we know and believe that is in God is in c
ontrol. His timing is perfect. "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26. He will get her there exactly when He wants her there. So if that's next week or 3 months away, it's in His Hands. I'm reminded of sending out an update back in April to let everyone know that she had been told she probably wouldn't hear back on her acceptance for about 3 weeks, and lo and behold she got a call from them within 4 days.

In the meantime, while we are waiting, I ask each of you to continue lifting Meagan and our family up in your prayers. We are all working very hard to stay positive and grounded in His Word. Also pray for the staff and girls currently at Mercy, and those girls who are on the waiting list. If you have a chance to visit the website, please do! There is a great opportunity to help by simply downloading a tool bar on your computer. Each time you use the tool bar for a search, Yahoo donates ten cents to Mercy. The link for the download is on the homepage.

Many thanks to all of you for you diligent prayers and support! You are the best! Love and Blessings to all, Angela

July 28, 2009
(update from my mom)

Dear Family and Friends,

I wanted to give you an important update on Meagan. Some info may be a repeat for a few of you, since I sent a text message to some earlier. Last week Meagan received a call from Mercy letting her know that admission was close and that she needed to go into her dr. to have a medical work up done to show her medical stability. Once they received that from her dr. they would be able to give her an admission date. She made that appt. with our family dr. here. Although she's been going into this doctor's nurse weekly for a weigh in, which was faxed into Mercy, the dr. had not been actively monitoring this. When Meagan went in for her appt. on Tues. the dr. was so alarmed by her low weight and the decline over the last few weeks that she immediately began to make calls to eating disorder facilities for admission and refeeding. The only place that had immediate availability for her was Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. I took her there yesterday. They had us go in through the ER. We got there about 12:30 pm. It was a very long day! They finally had a bed for her about 11pm. I spent the night in Dallas last night and went back up to the hospital this morning in hopes of being about to talk to her doctor about the treatment plan. The doctor finally met with us about 3:30pm. Due to Meagan's dangerously low weight she will be staying inpatient there for an undetermined time period to administer the refeeding process. At this time they are not tube feeding her since she is being compliant and eating on her own. She is being monitored and supported 24/7. She underwent numerous tests today, which included an echocardiogram and bone density scan, along with lab work. At the time of our meeting with the doctor, there were no results available from the echo and bone density. We expect to hear results of those tests tomorrow.

This is a huge, very much neede
d, wake up call for Meagan. Many of us have been trying over the last 6 weeks to support Meagan with her eating and encourage her to be more proactive by increasing her intake. She was reminded of the possible consequences of her inaction, and sure enough those natural consequences have come to pass. As hard as it is to see your child have to face hard consequences, I am grateful. The consequences could have very easily been much worse and possibly even fatal. I have no doubt that God has been at work in this situation and has stepped in and done for Meagan what she couldn't do for herself.

She was very concerned about how this would all affect her status with Mercy, and rightfully so. She tried to call there yesterday on the way to Dallas, but was unable to talk directly to someone. Today they returned her call and they have assured her that they support her admission to Presby and that is will not have a negative affect on her status. She remains on the waiting list and they are hopeful that the support she is receiving now will give her the boost she needs to be medically stable before a place becomes available for her there. Presby will be in contact with Mercy weekly to update them on her progress, etc.

You all have stood by us and been such prayer warriors through all of this. We are so grateful for all your prayers and ask you to continue praying. God has begun a good work in Meagan and He will see it to completion! She will overcome this monster! He knows the plans He has for her, plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11, paraphrased)

Love and blessings to all, Angela

Aug. 17, 2009
Dear Family and Friends,
Many have been asking for an update on Meagan over the last several days, so I wanted to send out a blanket update and also a couple of special requests. Meagan is still at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, but is doing well and is expecting to be dismissed possibly sometime this week. Over the weekend her doctor spoke with her and told her that she felt Meagan had progressed significantly since admission and they would start moving toward working out a dismissal plan. Although her weight gain has been slow, as it always it, it has been steady. Now that her body is being nourished properly, she is thinking and processing much more clearly. She has worked through the lies and deception of the eating disorder, which she was saying at the time of admission had convinced her that if she wasn't sick enough Mercy wouldn't take her. She had been telling herself that there were so many other girls that needed the help from Mercy, worse than her. So instead of making any progress before admission, she felt she needed to stay sick to insure she'd still have a place. The lies and deception caused her to become sicker, thus leading to the admission to Dallas Presbyterian on July 28.
She still does not have an exact admission date to Mercy. What we do know is that it will not be any sooner than 2-6 weeks after dismissal from Presby. Mercy requires that girls coming into their program must be out of an inpatient facility and continuing to make positive progress for no less 4 weeks (as little as 2 would be considered) before admission there. Also as you know from previous e-mails and the Mercy website if you've had a chance to check it out, the California home has a tentative opening date of Oct. 1. This will take 40 names off the waiting list and help Meagan's name be bumped up faster for admission to the Nashville home. This opening date is dependent upon whether or not the home has been furnished by that date. All Mercy's facilities are funded completely by donations and are completely debt free. If the home furnishings have not been donated by Oct. 1, the date will be reset. This is where my first request comes in.... The Barlow Girl Christian vocalist group along with Bed Bath and Beyond has teamed up with Mercy to help get the California home furnished. Mercy has made selections of needed items from Bed Bath and Beyond for the California home. By going to the Barlow Girl website you can access the information and selections. There are items on there for as little as $2. Please prayfully consider making a donation. By doing so you will not only be helping 40 girls have a place to find help and healing, but you will be helping Meagan, too.
My next request is that you please continue to lift Meagan and our family up in your daily prayers. There is still a waiting period ahead. Although her admission to Presby. gave her that much needed "wake up" call and has motivated her to be more proactive in taking responsibility for her health during this waiting period, it's still going to be a daily challenge to battle the eating disorder thought patterns. Pray for her strength and protection against the lies and deception of the enemy. Pray that she will "listen and believe the voice of truth", God's truth.
Thanks to each of you and your continued prayers and support we feel an uplifting and peace each day. We have no doubt that God has been right beside us through every step of this journey. We keep trusting and believing that He is in control and that His timing is perfect.
Many Blessings to Each of You! Angela

August 30, 2009

To my family and friends-

Words cant express how grateful I am for all of your thoughts, encouraging words and prayers for me over the past several months and more so especially lately. As many of you know I was recently admitted to Presbyterian Dallas inpatient psych unit to get stabilized medically and regain some good abstinence from my eating disorder again. Some of you know the details of how this all occurred, but for those of you who don't here's a summary and a bit of an update (sorry its almost a week after I have been home). I tried to make it brief, but as you can see that didnt happen!

Back in March when I began applying for Mercy I had already been struggling a lot, but my struggles then didnt even compare to was transpired over the following months. I was accepted to Mercy in late April and instead of beginning to work towards making some positive changes then I let deception and temptation in full force. This acceptance gave me an excuse to latch on to my eating disorder even more, because in my stinkin' thinkin' head I had to be 'sick enough' to need the help, but continuing down the path I was going it was just a matter of time till something serious happened to me. Satan was feeding me lies, he did not want me to make it to Mercy because he knows I am going to experience complete freedom in Christ. God intervened when Mercy asked me to have a complete medical work up done back in July. I thought this was because my admission was getting closer, but they were concerned that my weight continued downhill as I weighed in weekly. When I went to see my doctor within the first 10 min of seeing her she was ready to send me to get stabilized at a hospital and begin the refeeding process. I fought tooth and nail that whole day and the next couple days that followed trying to bargain my way out of what I thought was a punishment... I still didnt see the seriousness of all this. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8-9) Finally, I accepted that I definitely needed to be exactly where I was placed and I was able to see that God was giving me the chance to live and to still be able to experience complete freedom. The way I was going Mercy said they would not have taken me, that is if I would have lived to see that day. I embraced my time at the hospital and learned quite a bit.

Being at the hospital for almost a month, in the setting I was in definitely taught me a lot. I had to make the most of the situation despite the environment I was in and several challenges that were thrown my way. I embraced these challenges and was able to look at them as blessings of growth rather than complaining all the time. My first day in the hospital I was given a wheelchair to stay in all
hours of the day. My doctor wanted me to conserve as much energy as possible to keep my weight moving in a positive direction. He was also concerned about my bones being very fragile and didnt wanted me falling and breaking anything. You can only imagine how upset I was about all this at first and not only was I stuck in this chair, but I couldnt even push myself around. As independent as I am and as much as I hate to ask for help, this was a triple challenge. I had to release control, to ask for help and learn that people wont feel put out to help me and if they do they will let me know, and being ok with being still with both myself and the Lord. "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" (Exodus 14:14). An important part of me being in the hospital was to get some good symptom control with my eating disorder. Of course going from eating very, very little to having 3 meals a snack a day was difficult in and of itself, but the food was totally and completely out of my hands in every way imaginable. Not only was I now taking in much more than I had been used to for the past 6 months, but I had no choice in what was on my plate and I was required to finish everything. I continually had to remind myself that the discomfort or being full was only temporary, "this too shall pass," was a phrase I had to hang on to quite often. Another obstacle that was thrown at me was the hospital cafeteria was going through some major renovations resulting in meals being anywhere from 1-2 hours late for about 2 1/2 weeks. It was awful! In my crazy head I think I have to eat within a certain time frame and if it doesnt happen then, woops, its too late! Not here! I had to push through that lie and know that no matter what time it is my body needs nourishment throughout the day. I was able to experience eating beyond the confines of time and able to see this as yet another thing that I had no control over.

I was also able to work on setting boundaries with people that were in the hospital with me, which is something I have always struggled with because I didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings. Its cool how setting these boundaries with people made our time together more pleasant. I learned that I cant complain about something or someone if Im not willing to do anything about the situation. In the setting I was in, with a wide variety of pysch patients setting boundaries definitely came in handy and helped to keep me safe!

Throughout my time there and working with my doctor and social worker I was able to discover two groundbreaking things that are really going to help on my recovery journey. First, had to do with looking at why I continually fall back into my old ways... when I was first challenged with this question I immediately thought, well duh.. stress, depression, relationships gone bad, everyday triggers that I encountered that I could never get through any other way but to practice my eating disorder. Once I looked deeper I discovered, I was only doing (or trying to do) 'physical abstinence' when I needed the physical, mental and spiritual. To do this meant to work the 12 steps, something that I had started several times, but never completed. Part of this meant I had to work steps 1-3 daily.. 'I can't, He can, I'm going to let him.' Letting go and completely trusting is pivotal in me getting through each day. "I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but cannot carry it out." Rom. 7:18) I have began working the biblical 12 steps that my church designed after the 12 steps of AA with with an incredible woman from my church in Denton. I cant wait to see the freedom that comes from this healing tool. I was asked to journal about my fears about 2 1/2 weeks in. Again I thought, 'I know my fears... getting fat, failing, assertiveness, losing a loved one, not finding mr.right, ect., why would I need to do this?' But I needed to look deeper at what was underlying these surface level fears that were a lot of times irrational and completely out of my control. I wrote out about 30-40 different fears and found that underneath every single one was the fear of being alone or abandoned. Wow, what an incredible gift to know that what drives and motivates every single thing I do is my subconscious thinking of the fear of being alone or abandoned! The paradox to that, in the insanity of an eating disorder, is when in my disease I was depressed, isolating, starving... the very things that would ultimately leave me all alone. This is HUGE epiphany for me, something that I am so grateful for!

Being placed in the hospital gave me that opportunity to really reconnect. From the time I had moved home from Denton in May and some before then I had really kept everyone at arms length, if that. The time I spent at Presby allowed me to truly experience Christ's love through others and the gift of true friends. Many people called, wrote me and even came to see me. They helped me to see I was loved and worthy, despite my eating disorder and that they were not giving up on me (that was the lie the enemy told me). Another reconnection, and the most important, was my time with the Lord. I had submitted to the lie that the Lord didnt care, that he had abandoned me because of the path of destruction I was on and couldnt seem to get out of. But in all reality, I was the one who had abandoned him, he has been there the entire time. I was angry that I was dealing with all this and that I was still waiting to get into Mercy. Throughout my stay at Presby I was able to make time for the Lord each morning and throughout the day praying, studying and reciting scripture. I was able to see that he was not the one disconnected, I was, that his timing isnt ours and that he ultimately is the one in control.
I had to begin looking at this as yet another chance the Lord was giving me and to see this as part of my journey of recovery and freedom. Being at the hospital was just a piece of the treatment I'll be receiving. This piece was to get me medically safe and to help me jump-start the restoration process of my body through symptom control and abstinence. I must continue in a positive direction upon discharge from the hospital to show my willingness and commitment to healing. Mercy is the next piece in my journey, and the most vital of all. I trust that I will receive complete freedom through Christ and experience all of Him in a way beyond all my understanding. I would really appreciate it if each you would help me stay committed to going to Mercy. I have already heard the lies telling me I dont need to go anymore since I have already gotten some help. I know as I progress forward and distance myself from my eating disorder the discomfort of not having my way to cope will attract fear and anxiety to not continue this journey. In times like this I have to actively seek out the Lord to find comfort and peace of mind. Its second nature to grasp my eating disorder, so making a conscious effort to turn to the Lord is going to take patience. This is a journey, not a destination. The overall, ultimate challenge I have faced over the past 6 months or so has been patience and trusting the Lord's timing of every aspect of my life, in other words letting go of control. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers throughout all of this. Please know how grateful I am to have you fighting with me... we dont face these battles alone, but with God and each other. Let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about, you each hold a special place in my heart.

Much love & many hugs-


"For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever." 2 Corinthians 4:17-18
Sept. 18, 2009

Family & Friends-

Well, I received the long awaited entrance date into Mercy Ministries yesterday. My set date for admission is, drum-roll please.... October 13, 2009 into the home in Nashville Tennessee! It seems so surreal right now, Im sure as it gets closer I'll realize this is actually going to happen. Im very grateful and excited about this incredible opportunity Im going to be partaking in over the next 6 months. I cant wait to experience it all and to share with you all the great things Im going to learn and be able to take part in. I know this isnt going to be easy, for lots of reasons, but it's going to be totally worth all the work ahead of me. Please continue to pray for me during this time Im away that the Lord would reveal Himself and His love to me more fully and that I would experience healing through Him in mind, body and spirit.

My parents have offered to drive me to Nashville. We plan to head that way monday afternoon, the 12th, and spend the night half way then drive the remainder tuesday. I am supposed to be there at 1:30pm for admission. Please pray that we would have a safe trip, be able to embrace our last few hours together before we are apart for a while and that my parents will arrive back in Texas safe and sound.

I would like to remain in contact with each of you as best possible. I know that everyone is pretty busy, but if you ever have a free moment to write or call I would love to hear from you! I'll leave the address and phone number at the bottom of this email. I will do my best to write as much as possible, but please understand that I'll be busy quite often. I will only be able to use the phone on the weekends from 10am-4pm and can only make two calls out, but you are welcome to call in. Just know that the calls are limited to 15 min and you can only call once per weekend. This is going to be tough, not being able to talk much, but I understand the reasoning behind it, which is to stay focused on healing through the Lord.

Mercy closes for Christmas for two weeks in December so I will be home during this special season. Im so grateful to have this bit of time to come home and spend time with all of you.... so I'll be looking forward to that! That will be the only time I get to come home, but I will be back in Texas for good around March or April 2010.

Thank you all so very much for continuing to pray for me and supporting me through all of this. You are each a blessing in your own way to me! I will miss you all very much, but Im sure time will fly and I will be with you in heart and prayer. I have to share something cool with you that happened yesterday afternoon after I received the call from Mercy. We all know that its been raining pretty much non-stop here, with little bits of the sun peaking out from time to time. Well yesterday evening after the rain had cleared God shared with me a rainbow. What a beautiful sign of the Lord's love for me and that He is faithful to fulfill His promises! "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within me, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns" (Phil.1:6).

Much love, hugs & prayers-



My name is Kelli said...[Reply to comment]

Meagan, I just want to let you know that you are my inspiration. You are an AMAZING person, and I can only hope to achieve a fraction of the patience, wisdom, and faith that you have developed in this process. God bless you sweet girl... He has such wonderful plans in store.
<3 Kelli

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