Monday, April 5, 2010

Only by God's Grace

"It boggles my mind that I am where I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually - it's only by God's grace - there's no other way possible!"

This is a comment made in a recent letter from Meagan. I feel the best way to update you on Meagan's progress at this point is to share comments from her recent letters and phone conversations. These comments say it all!

"It's cool because I have this new joy and sense of peace that I have never known possible apart from a relationship or some other thing that gave me a sense of worth and security. I believe this can be summed up by what was said at our devotional the other night - because I know who God is, I now know who I am - that in and of itself gives me both joy and peace. I am secure in Him!"

"God continually amazes me with His power and goodness to restore so much of what was stolen by the enemy; friendships, health, a sound mind, joy, and peace."

"I've been told that I'm a good communicator and that I should speak to others about Mercy. I believe God is taking my misery and making it my ministry. What the enemy intended for destruction, God will use for His glory."

"It's only by God's grace that I have progressed to the place that I'm now at....So yah, God is capable way beyond anything I could ever try to do on my own - to Him be the glory!"

Our Family Trip to Nashville

We had the privilege of spending a weekend with Meagan in Nashville, March 19-22. We had a fantastic time!! Meagan's progress was apparent! It was such a blessing to spend time with her. The glow and true joy in to her countenance was inspiring.

Before picking Meagan up at the Mercy home in Nashville, we toured the headquarters, which is on the same grounds. What an amazing place!! Soon after finishing up our tour, Meagan, along with a couple of her closest friends, greeted us in the parking lot. We then had the opportunity to go over to the home and meet many of the residents and staff. It was so nice to finally get to meet all the people that we hear Meagan talk of so often.

Of course our first outing was a trip to the famous Opryland Mills Mall to do one of our favorite things, shop. That evening we celebrated Connor's 23rd birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville. We walked around some and checked out some of the sights. On Sat. we went to breakfast at The Pancake Pantry, which is a Nashville hotspot. Wow, the pancakes were delicious! Our favorite was the sweet potato pancakes! We walked around some in that area and then drove down Music Row. After a little rest Sat. afternoon we headed over to the Grand Ole Opry and checked it out before heading over to the Gaylord Opryland for more sight seeing and dinner. Sunday we went to Christ Church, the church Meagan and the Mercy girls go to each Sunday. Christ Christ is right beside Mercy. It was a very moving and energetic service. We really enjoyed it! After going out for lunch we headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame and spent the afternoon there. It was incredible! Once we finished up our tour there we only had a few hours left before Meagan would have to be taken back to the home. We enjoyed dinner and more visiting and then we headed back to Mercy and said all our good-byes. We had the time of our life, and know that God has many more great times like this in store for our family in the future.

As I close out this post Jesus' words in John 10:10 resound loud and clear in my heart; "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I came to give life - life in all it's fullness."

Glory and Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!!

Posted by: Angela Vrba March 8, 2010