Sunday, May 16, 2010

Four Awesome Young Women Graduate from Mercy!

(This is straight from the blog of Nancy Alcorn)

Yesterday, I had the joy of graduating four of our Nashville residents from Mercy – Meagan, Alexa, Christin, and Lauren (pictured left/right). Hearing the testimonies of how God totally changes and transforms lives never gets old, so I wanted to share part of their testimonies with you…

Meagan, Alexa, Nancy, Christin, and Lauren

Meagan grew up in a Christian home, but did not have a personal relationship with God. She came to Mercy after struggling with an eating disorder for 12 years. During her time at Mercy, God showed Meagan that she is worthy and accepted. Meagan now knows that she is beautiful and loves what she sees when she looks in the mirror! After graduating, Meagan is moving home and plans to finish her last year of school, get involved in her local church, and continue pursuing all that God has in store for her. Way to go, Meagan!

Please join me in celebrating Christin, Alexa, Meagan, and Lauren as they graduate from Mercy! I am so proud of all of you!!


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