Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have to confess one of the best parts of living back home is our dog Rootbeer.  This dog, like many dogs, has been a great reflection of God's unconditional love and grace for me and His relationship with me as my creator. Rootbeer is like God with skin on!

How are relationships with dogs an depiction of what our relationship with God should look like? 
  • Protection- like dogs are used as a source of protection, God is our protection, our ULTIMATE protector! 
  • Anger- sometimes Rootbeer misbehaves chewing up shoes, having an accident inside or jumping on guests, causing me to get angry. But time and time again I always... ALWAYS love Rootbeer just as I did before the accident happened. This, to me, is a reflection of how I should react to God when I become angry at Him for things I don't understand or don't go my way. I should never runaway and stay angry, but continue to love Him for who he is and what he's done for me trusting his way and timing.
  • Listening- Rootbeer doesn't always listen and sometimes it seems like God isn't listening either (when really He is, He just may not respond as we see fit).  Regardless of Rootbeer's response to me I love him still.  God wants me to respond in the same way-- loving Him regardless of His response or lack there of.
  • Discipline- sometimes when Rootbeer misbehaves I have to discipline him and I do this because I love him and I want what's best for him.  In the same way God disciplines me for my sins because He wants what is best for me.
  • Loyal, man's best friend- just as dogs are man's best friend God longs to be my best friend. God is like Rootbeer... He's always there at your side, never giving up on me. 
  • Forgiving of my faults & quirks- the characteristics that dogs display in loving ignorance of my faults are the same Christ displayed on the cross for me. God accepts me despite my faults & hang ups.

Wendy Franisco simply and sweetly delivers the message of the unwavering devotion dogs have for their owners and how it's a reflection of God's essence in God & Dog song and explains in more detail the thoughts behind the lyrics about the similarities between God & dogs here.

I am so grateful for the daily reminder of how God desires to be in relationship with me by reflecting it through my relationship with my dog Rootbeer.  I hope you too have the same reminder in your life whether it be a dog, a cat or some other form because it's easy to forget just how much we are loved by God up above!


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