Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Blogging Challenge Day 19 (skipping day 18)

Write about something or someone you really care about.

I decided day 18, posting a picture of the most embarrassing article of clothing I own was lame and didn't apply to me so I skipped day 18.  Plus, I'm already behind anyway so that's less days to have to do.

The person I want to write about is someone really special to me and that is my favorite cousin Whitney Lynn Vrba.  Whitney is 17, almost 18 and a recent high school graduate who will attend Texas State in the fall.    Why Whitney?   Whitney has always held a special place in my heart from the time she was born on... it's like we have had this special connection our entire lives that no matter the distance between us or lack of communication we are still connected at some level.  I see her not as a cousin, but a little sister I deeply care about.  I love this girl deeply and will always be there cheering her on like she has me over the years.  What a great gal!


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