Friday, November 6, 2015


So are you curious why the word Pennsylvania popped up?  Well folks, I took a trip there to see one of my best friends and Mercy sisters get hitched!  That’s right!  I went all the way to Pennsylvania to be a part of the special day and it couldn’t have worked out more than perfect!  Here’s how it all played out…

So I took off Thursday October 1 and used the day to pack and get ready, then I went to get a pedicure before I left for Dallas because my flight left early Friday morning.  My friend Jeanette was gracious enough to offer me a free place to stay for the night along with a ride to and from the airport.  This was a HUGE blessing.  Thursday night Jeanette and I spent time visiting over dinner at a new favorite place of mine called Black Walnut Cafe and then we headed to bed pretty early so that we could get up and head to the airport. 

Friday morning I flew to Pennsylvania!  I arrived at 2:30 to a cold and wet Pennsylvania.  Kalissa and her mom picked me up.  I was so grateful that it worked out for Kalissa to come to the airport to get me because we were able to spend a good bit of time visiting on the way back to her place before the rehearsal.  Once we got to her place we quickly changed and headed over to the church.  The rehearsal lasted about an hour and then we had a yummy dinner that the groom’s mom prepared.  After the rehearsal we ran to Walmart to get me the groceries I would need for breakfast and snack while I was there.  Then it was time to go to Kalissa’s future home, where her and her husband Brandon were going to live, a FREE place for me to stay!  She handed me the keys to one of their vehicles so I didn’t have to worry about transportation so that I could get to the wedding at 3 the following day.


Post-Rehearsal Pic 

Saturday I slept in and boy was it nice!  It was a cold and dreary day, but luckily the rain had stopped.  I took my time getting ready and left for the wedding about 1pm because I wasn’t sure where to go and how long it would take me to get there.  I arrived about 2:15 and just waited in my car before guests started trickling in. 

Before the Wedding

 3:00 rolled around and the wedding started!  The groomsmen wore grey button downs and black vests and the bridesmaids wore different black dresses with pink converse.  So simple.  Kalissa was glowing in her wedding gown and beaming from ear to ear as she was escorted down the aisle to her groom. 

"Here comes the BRIDE!!!"


 A message was spoken, personally written vows and rings were exchanged and before I knew it there stood a married Kalissa Grace Blank in front of me!!!

"You may KISS the BRIDE!!!"

Meet the BLANKS!

After the wedding, guests headed over to a barn where the reception was held.  It was pretty cold, but could have been worse.  I mingled with guests and then a yummy dinner was served along with Amish desserts and wedding cake.  Kalissa and Brandon also had their first and only dance.


The reception started to wind down about 7:30 and Kalissa and Brandon got ready to head to the airport.  They let me follow them back to where I was staying so that I wouldn’t get lost and then Kalissa and I said our goodbyes before the newlyweds headed to a hotel for the night before they left for their honeymoon the next morning. 

Sending off my girl!  CONGRATS!!!

The next morning Kalissa was gracious enough to coordinate for a friend of hers to take me to the airport.  She picked me about about 10 for a flight that was supposed to be at 1:40.  Once I got checked in to airport and settled the delayed my flight an hour, then two hours and then THREE HOURS!  I was so annoyed and bored.  I did a lot of wondering around the airport.  Luckily I got into Dallas about 7:30 and Jeanette and I went back to the cafĂ© we ate at Thursday night because I liked it so much.  After dinner I drove back to Tyler.  I got in about 11pm and luckily I had taken off the following day.

All in all it was a great trip!  Short, but totally worth every minute!  I was honored and blessed to have gotten to attend and take part in Kalissa’s special day and enjoy this ride of life!


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