Thursday, February 11, 2016


So I have to admit something.... I'm scared.  Of what, you ask?  The cookie cake I was having nightly.

You see I quit having it about a month ago.  Why? Well, I wanted to have something different one night and for some crazy reason I thought that even though my dietitian told me I wasn't gaining weight by having it that I really was... silly, I know.  I was doing so good with it.  But I don't have it one night and then that carries over into every night of the entire month.  I have it, ready and waiting in portions in the fridge, and think about it every time I gaze in there, but do I do anything about it? NOOOOO!

All I know to do is pray, put on my big girl panties and do it a couple times and see that I will survive.  Please pray with me as I try and conquer this fear that I desperately want overcome.


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