Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prepare To Be Amazed

This is a message I recently received via Facebook. I wanted to share it will all you faithful supporters out there. Thank you, Dawn, for your beautiful message! (posted by Angela Vrba)

Hello,You don't know me but my name is Dawn and I came across your daughter's blog on the Mercy Girls page. I felt very compelled to write you and just tell you how amazing it is that she is at Mercy and how much God will change her life during her time there. I am walking in Freedom from a 13 year eating disorder because of God and a Mercy graduate from the Nashville home. This girl shared with me about Mercy, about Freedom, and became my mentor, I now have walked in Freedom for over 2 years. Freedom from an eating disorder is literally the most amazing thing ever!! Your daughter's new life will resemble nothing like her old life, be prepared to be amazed! When God grabs hold of a heart that was for years starving the life out of it He can do amazing things! Freedom is for real, eating normally is for real and having a positive relationship with food is real. There are many, many freedom walkers from eating disorders walking around in this country and I pray that Meagan will become one of them.

Dawn Shay Normal, IL


Jordan Sanders said...[Reply to comment]

Dawn supported me through my journey while I was in the Mercy Monroe home. I too struggled with an eating disorder as well as numerous other issues and have been walking in freedom for almost 2 years. Mercy Ministries is an absolutly amazing ministry that doesn't tell you how to cope with your issues, the give you God who can FREE you from those issues. When I returned home from Mercy, I was a whole new person and I am continuing to walk in the freedom that was given to me by my Savior. I know the same will happen for your loved one.

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