Monday, October 12, 2009

Enjoying the Ride to Tennessee

Well, we made it safe & sound to Memphis around 9:30pm. We will be spending the night here tonight. The trip so far has gone well! We thought that we were going to be driving in rain the entire time, but it just misted here & there... thank the Lord! And for someone who has to use the bathroom fairly frequently, we only stopped three times total, which included the our dinner break.

During the car ride I kept busy reading, listening to a CD mom had from a workshop called 'Enjoy the Ride,' writing a few cards, doing a word search, texting & talking on the phone to friends. I also took a lil nap :)

Definitely the most interesting part of the trip was when mom chose for us to eat at a Waffle House in Brinkley since that was just about all there had been to choose from for miles as far as places to eat. That was my first experience at a Waffle House & although I love waffles, I passed up the opportunity to have one. Im not quite to a point that I am comfortable having something like that yet... still something Im working on. This stop was interesting because we were definitely not this particular Waffle House's regular customers! We were picky customers as far as how we wanted our food (mainly me) & we were the quietest, thats for sure! You should heard the employees & a couple of the customers hootin' & hollerin'! That was something I'll remember for sure.

From there we drove the rest of the way to Memphis where we are spending the night at a Comfort Inn. And yes, for all of you who have told me to make sure we are careful here, we are in a safe part of town... no need to worry :) Im laying in bed, with some pretty comfy pillows putting to good use the wireless internet while momma is reading & dad is yelling at the football game on TV, go figure! Gotta enjoy the last few hours I have with them while I can... enjoying the ride!

In Arkansas... Go Razorbacks!

Crossing the Missouri River

Mom & Dad relaxing at the hotel

Im really excited about tomorrow, but also very nervous. I know this is going to be such an incredible experience, but there is still a lot of fear of the unknown & being away from all you are familiar with, especially family in friends. Luckily I have some great cheerleaders back in Texas who I hope to stay in touch with during my time at Mercy. The things Im most anxious about are: my roommate, counselor & dietician, I pray the Lord gives me exactly what I need for my journey...

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and
thank him for all he has done."

Thank you all again for all your support, encouragement & prayers. This will most likely be my last post before I arrive at Mercy tomorrow at 1:30. Love you all & may the Lord bless each of you!


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I am so proud of you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the ride!!!


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