Thursday, October 8, 2009

Misconceptions about Eating Disorders

Over the years I have shared with many people about my eating disorder (ED), but I havent always been able to explain in the myths & misconceptions about EDs. Anorexia, Bulimia & Compulisive Overeating each carry their own 'stigmas,' making it difficult for objective people to truly grasp what an ED is all about.

Misconceptions include, but aren't limited to:
  • People with EDs just want attention
  • EDs are about the food
  • Normal-weight or overweight people cant have EDs
  • People with EDs dont want help
  • EDs only affect white adolescent girls
  • EDs are not cureable
  • People w/ EDs dont like food or have no appetite

I know for me this has been tough at times & in other girls I've talked to, they have had similar experiences. We've dealt with: broken friendships, people giving up on you, divorce, people holding on to the expectation that eating will cure ED, ED not being diagnosed or misdiagnosed, submission to the lie that nothing can be done about the ED, treating the symptoms of EDs & not getting to the ROOT, lack of knowledge over seriousness & many other negative consquences of this misconceptions.

Re-Evaluating Our Beliefs

EDs are medical & psychological diseases – they are the most fatal mental health disorders in existence. If left untreated, these curable disorders can become a life sentence. If you are guilty of any of these misconceptions, please remember to have compassion for those suffering from EDs & other conditions, & work to serve as a positive influence in their lives. You never know how your words & actions, whether they are positive or negative will affect the person.

Many people suffer in silence & avoid seeking ED treatment for fear of being judged. ED sufferers are not callous, self-absorbed individuals to be judged & rejected. They are “high-functioning, charming, intelligent, wonderful individuals whose best traits have been covered up by their disorder,” says Dr. Cole, & they are worthy of your attention and support.

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